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"Thank you, thank you, thank you, for this very informative book. 

Went on suggested diet and feel like a new person."

- P. Smith

Clean Green Healing

The True Story of Surviving 

Pancreatic Cancer Naturally

By Traysiah Spring

Over a decade ago, Samantha Young, was on her death bed with stage four Pancreatic Cancer. She had a 10cm malignant tumor on her pancreas and the doctors could do nothing to help her. They gave her only three months to live.

This is the compelling true story of how she came back from the edge of death, without any western medical intervention.

She discovered a completely natural way that helped her body to heal itself - through "Clean Green Healing".

Traysiah and Tom's new book - "Clean Green Eating" - is inspired by this first book.

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"Great inspirational Book - I loved the read. It was easy, relatable and straight forward. 

The information included in the book was very educative.

I loved the passion and facts that the author included in her analyses."

Jacent M. Mpalyenkana, PhD

An Inspiration for People with Cancer

"I was recently diagnosed with pancreatic cancer so finding Traysiah's book about her mother's experience, essentially bringing herself back from the brink, through a diet of raw veggies, plenty of wheatgrass juice, the power of a positive mind and the will to defy conventional wisdom, was a special elixir for me. Her mother, Samantha Young is a pure inspiration for those of us wanting to find another way to beat back cancer.

I was also fortunate to have spent many weeks at the Optimum Health Institute over the years, so I already had a great foundation to launch my healing journey, but seeing it in writing, and reading the reenforcing positive material Traysiah explains in the book about this wonderful place, just cements in my mind what I need to do for myself.

Whether you are going to do it your own way, or if you are going to follow your doctor's orders, read this book to get a healthy boost of what it feels like to bring your body into the best healing environment for yourself."

- Scott Craig

"A fascinating story about a Mothers journey through cancer recovery 

at a couple of non-toxic cancer facilities."

- Jim Bremer

Available at

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