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Global Book Award Winner!

Clean Green Eating

Plant-Based to Feel Great!

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6 Simple Steps & 100+ Easy Recipes

To Joyfully Transition to a

Whole Food, Plant-Based Lifestyle

Have you been curious about exploring a whole food, plant-based lifestyle, but you’re not sure how to get started?

Clean Green Eating breaks it down into 6 simple steps and easy recipes, for you to have the greatest success and fun in discovering what works best for you.

Clean Green Eating is all about exploring how to feel good with food. By eating fresh, whole, conscious food, that truly nourishes our body and soul, we naturally feel vibrantly alive and healthy.

Thomas Bakken & Traysiah Spring

Tom and Traysi with Chef Ken Dorr

Come along on a grand delicious adventure, a daring kitchen expedition, of discovering the foods that tickle your taste buds and put a bounce in your step.

All of our 100 delicious recipes are whole, plant-based, gluten-free, refined sugar-free, low carb, & 


Let’s get started on our epic journey to explore -

plant-based to feel great!

"This wasn't just good tasting food - something in my body woke up, sat up, and paid attention. 

So this is real folks: your food can do more and your body is ready for it."

- Ina Zing, Author, 'Plant Eater Project' Blog

Come & Explore... 

"Finally! A great guide on transitioning to a vegan lifestyle.

The book provides easy to follow steps and user friendly recipes.

I’m a registered dietitian and will recommend this book to anyone

interested in learning more about eating clean and green.”

- Amy Jo Bakken, RD (Registered Dietician)

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Clean Green Eating


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